Design for Life

Design for Life is a BBC documentary series hosted by Philippe Starck, about 12 talented would-be designers to battle for the chance to win a six month placement at his design agency in Paris. Philippe Starck invites 12 talented would-be designers to battle for the chance to win a six month placement at his design agency in Paris. Over six one-hour episodes, Starck brings the applicants to meet him in Paris and, after setting them a challenge, selects 10 to join his school of design. Once at the school, the successful applicants were given the chance to demonstrate their abilities by working on real design projects. Starck gradually whittled down the class - based on their performance - until one students is rewarded with the opportunity of a work placement with him.

Episode 1 - Finding examples of good and bad design
Philippe Starck, one of the world's best known product designers, invites 12 hopefuls to a school of design he has set up in Paris.

Episode 2 - First design challenge
Cocksure North London boy Nebil Avas is confident that he can pull off something to delight the master of design.

Episode 3 - Turning ideas into products
The students panic as they realise that they have just a day to turn ideas into products.

Episode 4 - Repeating the brief again
After the previous week's failure to interpret the brief correctly, Starck wanted to eliminate them all - instead he is making them repeat the brief again.

Episode 5 - Meeting Starck's model maker
As those left set out to meet Starck's model maker, the man who will finally turn their ideas into reality, the students must put the legacy of the previous week's cull behind them.

Episode 6 - Finalising products
Only Ilsa and Mike remain from the original 12 students - and soon one of them will win the coveted opportunity of a work placement alongside Starck at his Paris design agency.

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