Northern Renaissance

Northern Renaissance is a BBC documentary series presented by Joseph Leo Koerner, about the Renaissance in Northern Europe. In this series, Joseph Leo Koerner argues that the Renaissance in Northern Europe - more so than its Italian counterpart - laid the foundations of modern art. The series consists of three episodes, each of which deals with a different artist and his works: Flemish artist Jan van Eyck, German painter Albrecht Durer, and Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch.

Episode 1 - The Supreme Art

Episode 1 - The Supreme Art
In the early 15th century, the remarkable oil paintings of Flemish artist Jan van Eyck transformed a lowly craft into the supreme art and began an image revolution that would change art forever.

Episode 2 - The Birth of the Artist
German painter Albrecht Durer harnessed the new medium of printing to become the first world famous artist. A pioneer in many mediums, Durer was obsessed with how the public and posterity would view him.

Episode 3 - Image Wars
The bizarre images of the Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch, the destruction of works at the hands of Protestant iconoclasts and the birth of secular art with the first artist of the modern age, Pieter Bruegel.

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