The Art of Eternity

The Art of Eternity is a BBC documentary series presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, about early Christian art from the third century AD to the early years of the fourteenth century. The series consists of three episodes, exploring early Christian art from the declining Roman Empire through the Byzantine Empire to the Renaissance. The first episode traces the beginnings of Christian art. The second episode looks at the relevance between the art of the Byzantine Empire and earlier Christian art. And the third and final episode examines early Christian art, the reasons for its evolution during the Renaissance, and its influence on modern artists.

Episode 1 - Painting Paradise

Episode 1 - Painting Paradise
Andrew Graham-Dixon traces the beginnings of Christian art in the declining Roman Empire, Egypt and medieval France, and reveals the ideas which lay behind the transition from classical art to the first icons.

Episode 2 - The Glory of Byzantium
Andrew Graham-Dixon travels to Istanbul to immerse himself in the tumultuous world of the Byzantine Empire. He decodes the iconography of the art of the period and explains its continuing relevance.

Episode 3 - When East Meets West
Andrew Graham-Dixon examines early Christian art and the reasons for its evolution during the Renaissance. He also reveals just how far modern artists have been influenced by the pre-perspective view of the world.

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