The Art of France

The Art of France is a three-part BBC art documentary hosted by Andrew Graham-Dixon, which takes us on a stunning visual journey through French art history. Art historian and critic Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the dramatic story of French art, a story of the most powerful kings ever to rule in Europe with their glittering palaces and astounding art to go in them. He also reveals how art emerged from a struggle between tradition and revolution, between rulers and a people who didn't always want to be ruled.

Episode 1 - Plus Ca Change

Episode 1 - Plus Ca Change
Starting with the first great revolution in art, the invention of Gothic architecture, Andrew traces its development up until the arrival of Classicism and the Age of Enlightenment - and the very eve of the Revolution.

Episode 2 - There Will Be Blood
Andrew Graham-Dixon explores how art in France took a dramatic turn following the French Revolution that ushered in a bold new world.

Episode 3 - This Is the Modern World
Andrew Graham-Dixon begins with the impressionists. He plunges into one of the most wildly creative periods in the history of art, when France was changing at a rapid pace and angry young artists would reinvent how to paint.

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