This is Modern Art

Modern art is a shock. Maybe those of us who fail to respond to large chunks of Modern art are not alone. This is Modern Art is a six-part documentary series presented by Matthew Collings, telling the story of Modern art from Picasso to Damien Hirst. Matthew Collings approaches modern art from six viewpoints: the notion of genius of Modern art; the notion of shock and horror; the notion of beauty and loveliness; the notion of nothingness; Modern art jokes; and finally the shock of contemporary art.

Episode 1 - I Am a Genius

Episode 1 - I Am a Genius
Matthew Collings shortlists Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol for the "genius" category. Each of them in his own way changed the definition of what Modern art is.

Episode 2 - Shock! Horror!
This episode goes to the actual dislike people have for some Modern art and reveals a hint of anxiety.

Episode 3 - Lovely, Lovely
This episode examines the idea of beauty: is it still a valid idea in Modern art?

Episode 4 - Nothing Matters
In modern art sock matters; beauty matters; but nothing matters, too. This episode is devoted largely to Minimalism.

Episode 5 - Hollow Laughter
This episode is all about Modern art jokes. This should be pretty interesting but it turns out that a lot of the "jokes" are based on text.

Episode 6 - The Shock of the Now
Matthew Collings asks: Could it be indeed that the Modern art "we" have chosen is vacuous or empty?

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