Jane Eyre (1983 TV series)

Jane Eyre is a 1983 British television serial adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's novel of the same name, published in 1847. Dramatized by Alexander Baron and directed by Julian Amyes, the serial stars Zelah Clarke as Jane Eyre, Timothy Dalton as Edward Rochester, and Jean Harvey as Mrs. Fairfax. The story follows Jane from childhood to her arrival at Thornfield Hall to tutor the young Adele.

Jane Eyre, Episode 01
Dramatisation of Charlotte Bronte's enduring romantic novel. The series begins with Jane as a neglected orphan child, unjustly punished by her aunt.

Jane Eyre, Episode 02
Jane's open defiance of her unjust and tyrannical aunt has led to her dismissal from Gateshead Hall. She's to go instead to Lowood School, where 'there will be no softness...'

Jane Eyre, Episode 03
Conditions have improved at Lowood School and Jane finds a measure of contentment, first as a pupil and later as a teacher.

Jane Eyre, Episode 04
Happy in her new post as a governess, Jane forms a bond with her young french pupil Adele and warmhearted housekeeper Mrs Fairfax. She also meets her surly employer, Mr Rochester.

Jane Eyre, Episode 05
Jane is baffled and fascinated by her employer Mr Rochester who seems more than usually interested in her. One night Jane is awoken by mad laughter and finds Rochester's bed in flames.

Jane Eyre, Episode 06
Mr Rochester is entertaining guests and Jane is perturbed by his evident fondness for Blanche Ingram. The arrival of Mr Mason from the West Indies gives Rochester a shock, and that night Mason is mysteriously attacked.

Jane Eyre, Episode 07
After the death of her cousin, Jane's dying aunt summons her back to Gateshead Hall, the scene of her unhappy childhood.

Jane Eyre, Episode 08
Mr. Briggs interrupts the wedding of Jane and Mr Rochester with the claim that the marriage cannot proceed as "Mr. Rochester has a wife now living ..."

Jane Eyre, Episode 09
After days of travelling a despondent Jane collapses outside the home of the Rivers family and is offered shelter. She conceals her true identity and gives her name as Jane Elliott.

Jane Eyre, Episode 10
Jane learns that she is sole heir to her uncle's fortune and subsequently the Rivers family discover her true identity. St. John asks Jane to accompany him to India as his wife.

Jane Eyre, Episode 11
Jane visits Thornfield Hall and is horrified by the state that she discovers it in. She learns that Rochester's wife started a fire that kills her and leaves Rochester blind.

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