The Last Enemy

The Last Enemy is a 5-part BBC television drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch and featuring Robert Carlyle and Max Beesley. It first aired on 17 February 2008. Set in London beset by terrorism and illegal immigration, it features the introduction of "TIA" (Total Information Awareness), a centralised database that can be used to track and monitor anybody effectively by putting all available government information in one place. The story deals with a political cover-up centred around a rogue batch of vaccine that seems to be causing a deadly virus, as well as the moral, social and privacy concerns of such a system in a post-7/7 world. The story is told through the eyes of a mathematical genius, Stephen Ezard, who is portrayed as a recluse and showing some signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The final episode then has a plot twist in which this apparent virus is shown to be in fact an ethnicity-specific side effect of an experiment in producing an internal, injected and unfakeable bio-tag, a side-effect, which affects Arabs, but not Caucasians, and so (to avoid international scandal) has had to be shut down. (from

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The Last Enemy - Episode 1
Returning to England for his brother's funeral, Stephen Ezard falls in love with his brother's widow, Yasim, becomes a pawn in a government surveillance scheme, and is pursued by a crazed rogue agent.

The Last Enemy - Episode 2
Noted microbiologists are dying at an alarming rate as Stephen tries to learn the cause of death of the beautiful woman found in his apartment. Yasim suspects that her late husband, Michael, stumbled on the secret before being blown up by a landmine in Afghanistan.

The Last Enemy - Episode 3
Stephen and Yasim join forces with rogue agent Russell to get to the bottom of a bio-weapons conspiracy that may be connected to a government surveillance program called Total Information Awareness (TIA).

The Last Enemy - Episode 4
Stephen and Yasim try to find the truth about a mysteriously contaminated hepatitis B vaccine. Stephen ends up stripped of his identity and homeless.

The Last Enemy - Episode 5
Sent to retrieve blood samples from refugees dying from the contaminated vaccine, Stephen has a startling revelation that sends him racing to expose the truth before all evidence is destroyed.

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