War and Peace (1972 TV series)

War and Peace is a television dramatization of the Leo Tolstoy novel of War and Peace. This 20 episode series began on 28 September 1972. The BBC dramatisation of Tolstoy's epic story of love and loss set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. Anthony Hopkins heads the cast as the soul-searching Pierre Bezukhov, Morag Hood is the impulsive and beautiful Natasha Rostova, Alan Dobie is the dour, heroic Andrei Bolkonsky and David Swift is Napoleon, whose decision to invade Russia in 1812 has far-reaching consequences for Pierre and the Rostov and Bolkonsky families. (from


Episode 01 - Name-Day
The Rostov family prepares to celebrate the name-day of Countess Rostova and her younger daughter, Natalia, nicknamed Natasha.

Episode 02 - Sounds of War
Speculation over who would inherit Count Bezuhov's title and estates is rife in Moscow.

Episode 03 - Skirmish at Schongraben
Pierre's prized inheritance makes him a sought after guest at social gatherings.

Episode 04 - A Letter and Two Proposals
The Russian troops have been forced to retreat, after Napoleon's army advanced mercilessly through a large area of central Europe.

Episode 05 - Austerlitz
A marriage has been arranged between Pierre and Helene, by her father Prince Kuragin. Nikolai has been promoted, after receiving some wounds during a battle.

Episode 06 - Reunions
Dolohov has taken shelter in Rostov, and he has eyes for Sonya, who eagerly waits for Nikolai to return from the war.

Episode 07 - New Beginnings
Czar Alexander and Napoleon gather for peace talks at Tilsit. Sonya rejects Dolohov's proposal in favour of Nikolai. Andrei returns to tragic news.

Episode 08 - A Beautiful Tale
Pierre wounds Dolohov in a duel over Helene and meets Bazdayev en route for Petersburg.

Episode 09 - Leave of Absence
Andrei started to fall in love with Natasha, after meeting her by chance on several different occasions.

Episode 10 - Madness
Natasha accepts Andrei's marriage proposal, but her father insists they wait a year.

Episode 11 - Men of Destiny
In Andrei's prolonged absence, Natasha has become susceptible to Anatole's advances.

Episode 12 - Fortunes of War
Pierre tried to explain to Natasha, why he believed that his and Napoleon's destinies were linked together.

Episode 13 - Borodino
Napoleon is getting closer to Moscow, and Capt. Andrei and General Kutuzov send their troops to Borodino to make a last stand.

Episode 14 - Escape
The citizens of Moscow leave the city as the Russian army holds Napoleon's troops in Borodino.

Episode 15 - Moscow!
Napoleon enters Moscow, but soon finds the city lifeless and without food and resources for his tired soldiers.

Episode 16 - Two Meetings
The Count and Countess of Rostov escape to Troitska. Natasha soon follows them after learning that Andrei may be among one of the many wounded soldiers that are trapped in the city.

Episode 17 - Of Life and Death
Winter is taking its tool on the French Army, and the soldiers begin to blame the dismal situation on the Russians. Natasha and Maria become victims of a disgruntled Pierre.

Episode 18 - The Retreat
The French army revolts after learning that they must retreat from Moscow to escape a deadly winter. Napoleon soon takes charge, and he blames Pierre for causing the mutiny.

Episode 19 - The Road to Life
French troops force Pierre to haul one of the wagons that Czar Alexander has filled with rotten food. Meanwhile, the Czar asks his citizens to rebuild Moscow back to her former glory.

Episode 20 - An Epilogue
Seven years after the end of the war: Sonya still yearns for Dolohov; Maria and Nikolai are still together; Pierre is now a poor man living in France; and the Countess Rostova has lost her husband.

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