Antarctica is a three-part BBC documentary series narrated by Jo Unwin, following scientists who explore Antarctica's polar ice sheet. Antarctica's polar ice sheet is the highest, coldest, windiest, driest and most unforgiving place on earth. Dry as the Sahara Desert with less than 5cm of snow a year it is also numbingly cold. The average temperature near the South Pole is minus 49 degrees Centigrade, and winds reach over 200Km an hour. In this series scientists uncover how life forms have adapted to life in the freezer, what created Antarctica, and what controls the movement of ice.

Episode 1 - The Ice Lives

Episode 1 - The Ice Lives
The success of life in a landscape as alien as any on this planet is a biological aberration. It hints at the possibility of extraterrestrial life as it provides intriguing insights into the limits of living systems.

Episode 2 - The Ice Forms
The mystery of what formed Antarctica has obsessed explorers. Piecing together evidence from rock exposed above the ice, geologists have come up with a theory that could predict how it will change in the future.

Episode 3 - The Ice Melts
The Western Antarctic Ice Sheet is the last Marine Ice Sheet on earth, and how it responds to warming past and present will determine the fate of great tranches of coast from Miami to Essex. "Complete collapse of the Ice Sheet would raise sea levels by six meters".

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