Ganges is a BBC nature documentary series narrated by Sudha Bhuchar, exploring the natural history of the River Ganges in India and Bangladesh. As well as the variety of animals and habitats that are to be found along the river's 2,510 km (1,557 mi) reach, the series also features the cultures, traditions and religions of the very large human population that it supports. For Hindus, the Ganges is a sacred river and a place of pilgrimage, a deep influence on their religion and culture as well as being their lifeblood. Over the course of three episodes, the series is presented as a journey from the source of the river in the high Himalaya to its delta at the Bay of Bengal. (from

Episode 1 - Daughter of the Mountains

Episode 1 - Daughter of the Mountains
This episode journeys deep into the Himalayas to the source of the Ganges, providing a glimpse into the natural and spiritual worlds that swirl around India's most sacred river.

Episode 2 - River of Life
Following the River Ganges as it journeys across Northern India, this episode explores the colourful natural history of the Gangetic Plains.

Episode 3 - Waterland
This episode sees the effect the River Ganges has when it meets the Bay of Bengal and forms the largest delta system in the world; the vast mangrove swamp, the Sundarbans is part of the delta.

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