Kingdom of Plants 3D

Kingdom of Plants 3D is a nature documentary series presented by David Attenborough, exploring the world of plants. Using pioneering techniques in 3D macro and time-lapse photography, the series traces plants from their beginnings on land to their vital place in nature today, and reveals the true nature of plants as creatures that are every bit as dynamic and aggressive as animals. The series consists of three episode, each of which looks at a different aspect of plant life. "Life in the Wet Zone" explains how plants first colonised wet and humid environments, "Solving the Secrets" explores plant reproductive techniques and "Survival" shows how plants continually adapt to their environments.

Episode 1 - Life in the Wet Zone

Episode 1 - Life in the Wet Zone
This episode explores the extraordinary plants that are so well adapted to wet and humid environments and unravels the intimate relationships between wet zone plants and the animals that depend on them.

Episode 2 - Solving the Secrets
This episode shows how plants modify their lives according to the time of year and reveals insects' hidden links with plants, both as pests and pollinators.

Episode 3 - Survival
This episode discovers the plants that have evolved to shed their dependency on water enabling them to survive in the driest environments.

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