Lost Land of the Tiger

Lost Land of the Tiger is a three part nature documentary following a team of big cat experts and wildlife filmmakers as they embark upon a dramatic expedition searching for tigers hidden in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The team members include naturalist Steve Backshall, field biologist George McGavin, tiger expert Alan Rabinowitz, cameraman Gordon Buchanan, and camerawoman Justin Evans. They explore mountains and valleys of Bhutan to acquire a full understanding of the wild tiger population. Their exploration also reveals a diversity of wildlife of Bhutan.

Lost Land of the Tiger, Episode 1
Steve Backshall search for evidence of tigers through the dense forest undergrowth with the help of sniffer dog Bruiser. Gordon Buchanan drives himself to exhaustion tracking tigers that seem as elusive as the yeti.

Lost Land of the Tiger, Episode 2
The team strikes out from base camp to track down tigers throughout Bhutan. Steve Backshall travels in kayak along a white water river, while Gordon Buchanan deploys remote cameras far and wide.

Lost Land of the Tiger, Episode 3
Following extraordinary rumors of tigers living in the mountains of Bhutan, the expedition shifts to high altitude. Along the Tibetan border, Steve Backshall treks to the mystical Tiger Mountain. And Gordon Buchanan deploys remote cameras to capture footage of tigers.

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