Nordic Wild

Nordic Wild is a four-part National Geographic documentary series that follows the lives of Nordic animals in stunning HD. This is one of Europe's last great wildernesses, Scandinavia is a realm of epic contrasts, where ancient mountains meet lush forest and the land is torn by both ice and fire. Nordic Wild follows the lives of Nordic animals in stunning HD as they battle against the elements.

Episode 1 - Reborn

Episode 1 - Reborn
As the bitter Arctic winter loosens its grip, Scandinavia's animals emerge and the young explore their new home.

Episode 2 - Furious Life
Autumn on the tundra is mating season for the mighty musk oxen. Elk, capercaillie and deer also battle for opportunities to breed.

Episode 3 - At the Edge
While Sweden's sea eagles welcome the retreat of the winter ice, for polar bears open seas can mean hungry times.

Episode 4 - Ultimate Survivors
Life in Scandinavia is not easy, but the region's animals have evolved impressive survival strategies.

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