Wild Weather

Wild Weather is a BBC documentary series presented by Donal MacIntyre, exploring the extremes of the world's climate. The series consists of four episodes, each of which focuses on a different theme of the world's climate - Wind, Wet, Cold, and Heat. Taking viewers on a journey across the world from the Sahara desert to the Norwegian town of Bergen and Greenland to the home of the Inuit, the series explores how these produce hurricanes, monsoons, ice storms and tornadoes, as well as regulate the global environment.

Wild Weather

Episode 1 - Wind
Donal MacIntyre explores the journey the winds take from their birth at the equator where he finds himself adrift in the doldrums to the North pole where he witnesses Aurora Borealis.

Episode 2 - Wet
Donal MacIntyre explores some of the wettest places in the world, such as the Norwegian town of Bergen where it rains 265 days of the year.

Episode 3 - Cold
Donal MacIntyre experiences life at the extremes of cold, from ice storms to avalanches, frostbite to heart attacks - cold is a killer.

Episode 4 - Heat
Donal MacIntyre traces the arrival of summer from the extremes of heat in the desert to the idea of a perfect summer in the temperate climates of the north.

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