The Age of Robots

The Age of Robots is a six-part documentary series hosted by Pete Gold, discovering the mechanics that make it possible for a robot to interact with its environment. Robots have fascinated humanity for centuries. This series guides us through the discovery of the most intriguing projects that robotics has to offer, getting to know machines and ideas that will impact our future or are already part of our everyday lives.

Episode 1 - Humanoid Robots

Episode 1 - Humanoid Robots
They look like us. They move like us. And very soon they will live among us. They are humanoid robots. Meet an astonishing group of humanoids, among them: iCub, the world's first baby robot, and REEM, the Service Robot.

Episode 2 - Bioinspired Robots
Mankind has always looked at nature to solve problems, taking a cue from the solutions that biological systems have refined through natural selection. In this episode we look at a robotic plant that mimics the mechanics of plant roots, and dive underwater to see robots inspired by fish.

Episode 3 - City of the Future
Looking at robotic systems being developed worldwide we can take a glimpse at the city life of the future. Private transportation with self-driving cars, our homes with automated systems - robots are in our future.

Episode 4 - Robot Explorers
Inhospitable environments that would normally be unreachable become accessible thanks to a new class of robot - Robot Explorers. Robots can help us in difficult tasks like search and rescue operations.

Episode 5 - The Bionic Man
From brains to eyes, hands to legs, and deep down to the internal organs; implants, prosthesis and rehabilitation are entering a new era potentially creating a new type of human being - The Bionic Man- in reality.

Episode 6 - Entertainment Robots
In the future we will spend our leisure time with smart and sophisticated machines designed for fun. Marvel at Mantis, a two ton insect and Tradinno, a giant fire-spitting dragon. Then take a seat and watch a mechanical actor and a robotic pianist perform.

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