Big Bang

The Big Bang was an event which led to the formation of the universe, according to the prevailing cosmological theory of the universe's early development (known as the Big Bang theory or Big Bang model). According to the Big Bang model, the universe, originally in an extremely hot and dense state that expanded rapidly, has since cooled by expanding to the present diluted state, and continues to expand today. Based on the best available measurements as of 2010, the original state of the universe existed around 13.7 billion years ago, which is often referred to as the time when the Big Bang occurred. (from

The Big Question: How Did the Universe Begin?
The famous physicist Stephen Hawking looks at the evidence that supports the Big Bang theory and tries to find an answer to the question: How did the Universe begin?

Stephen Hawking's Universe: In the Beginning
Did the universe have a beginning? This episode is about our understanding of the initial moment of the universe: the Big Bang theory.

How the Universe Works: Big Bang
This explains how the Universe came into existence out of nothing and how it grew from a miniscule point, smaller than an atomic particle, to the vast cosmos we see today.

The Universe: Beyond the Big Bang
This documentary looks at Humans progression in science from Pre-Greek all the way up to present discoveries which have made the Big Bang widely accepted in the scientific community.

Lost Horizons: The Big Bang
This is about the story behind the emergence of one of the greatest theories of modern science, the Big Bang.

What Happened Before the Big Bang?
This film takes the ultimate trip into the unknown to explore a dizzying world of cosmic bounces, rips and multiple universes, and finds out what happened before the big bang.

Through the Wormhole: What Happened Before the Beginning?
If the Universe was born, where did it come from? How did it all begin? Every cosmologist and astronomer agrees: our Universe is 13.7 billion years old.

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The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model that describes the early development of the Universe. According to the theory, the Big Bang occurred approximately 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years ago.
Big Bang: How Did the Universe Begin?
What is the Big Bang? According to the big bang theory, the universe began by expanding from an infinitesimal volume with extremely high density and temperature.
The Big Bang
The night sky presents the viewer with a picture of a calm and unchanging Universe. So the 1929 discovery by Edwin Hubble that the Universe is in fact expanding at enormous speed was revolutionary.
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Dr. Sean Carroll talks about the nature of time, the origin of entropy, and how what happened before the Big Bang may be responsible for the arrow of time we observe today.
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