Big, Bigger, Biggest (Season 2)

Big, Bigger, Biggest (Season 2) is a ten-part documentary series exploring the engineering breakthroughs behind some of the world's biggest structures such as the Singapore Flyer, USS Pennsylvania, Antonov An-124, Three Gorges Dam in China, and Large Binocular Telescope. Each episode explores the engineering breakthroughs that have made it possible to develop the structures of today. Throughout the course of the episode, viewers are introduced to generally six landmark inventions that have enabled the engineers of today to construct the world's biggest structures. Footage of the construction of the world's biggest structure of its kind is accompanied by computer generated imagery which often has an element of black humour. This imagery shows the size of the object in metres, the various designs that may have been considered as well as what could happen if the engineers made a mistake, complete with animated figures running in panic.

Episode 01 - Tunnel

Episode 01 - Tunnel
The world's longest tunnel at 57 kilometres (35 mi) in length is the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

Episode 02 - Submarine
The biggest submarine in the U.S. Navy is the USS Pennsylvania (SSBN-735) at 171 metres (561 ft) in length.

Episode 03 - Aircraft
The Antonov An-124 is one of the largest aircraft in the world with the ability to carry 50 family-sized cars.

Episode 04 - Oil Rig
The Perdido oil platform is located in an area of water that is 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) deep.

Episode 05 - Ferris Wheel
The tallest ferris wheel in the world is the Singapore Flyer, standing 165 metres (541 ft) high.

Episode 06 - Space Station
This episode reveals the technological inventions that made the construction of the International Space Station possible.

Episode 07 - Dam
The largest hydroelectric dam is the Three Gorges Dam in China.

Episode 08 - Cruise Ship
MS Independence of the Seas is a 160,000-metric-ton (160,000-long-ton; 180,000-short-ton) cruise liner.

Episode 09 - Dome
The world's largest dome roof is located on Oita Stadium in Japan.

Episode 10 - Telescope
The Large Binocular Telescope would not have been possible if it weren't for a variety of breakthroughs in the construction of telescope.

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