21st Century Jet: The Building of the 777

21st Century Jet: The Building of the 777 is a five-part documentary series showing the building of the Boeing 777, chronologically from the conception to entry into service of the jetliner. The series reveals how Boeing could succeed in building the Boeing 777 from the design phase to making a contract for the first delivery with United Airlines. The design of the airliner was based on the concept of "Working Together". In the design phase, Boeing worked with its customers to reflect their opinions and build a better airliner, and the 777 was designed entirely on computer. Many parts necessary for building the plane such as wing and fuselage panels were outsourced by partners globally. The outsourcing helped Boeing build planes faster and cheaper. And this film shows how extreme the test conditions are to complete a plane. Engines, landing gears and wings were tested under the extreme conditions. In addition, emergency situation was simulated with volunteers. Lastly, the process of acquiring ETOPS certification from the FAA and making a contract for the first delivery with United Airlines is explained.

Episode 1 - To Design A Plane
This episode takes a look at the building of the Boeing 777 from the inception of the dream in corporate boardrooms to the complex efforts to design the aircraft.

Episode 2 - The Sum Of Its Parts
This episode focuses on the implementation of the design into concrete terms.

Episode 3 - A Plane Takes Shape
This episode tells of the teamwork and problem-solving skills of the designers of the plane's engine.

Episode 4 - Taking Flight
This episode is about test flights of the Boeing 777; the plane must prove itself airworthy in the most extreme conditions.

Episode 5 - Countdown To Delivery
To ensure that the final product is ready for air use, a 777 is tested to destruction, to measure its performance under turbulent conditions and emergency maneuvers.

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