Brain Story

Brain Story is a BBC documentary series presented by Susan Greenfield, revealing the basic brain processes that lie behind all aspects of human experience. The series consists of six episodes, which explore how the brain works in terms of memory, emotion, vision, the growth and development of the brain, and consciousness. Talking to philosophers, clinicians, neurosurgeons and their patients to discover quite what a finely balanced and complex machine the brain is, the series attempts to answer the question "What is my mind and who am I?"

Episode 1 - All in the Mind

Episode 1 - All in the Mind
This episode reveals the story of how science has come to understand the astonishing complexity of the brain.

Episode 2 - In the Heat of the Moment
This episode explores the complicated origins of human emotions, in terms of brain areas and chemical changes of the brain.

Episode 3 - The Mind's Eye
This episode is about the brain's visual system; how the brain works in conjunction with the eyes.

Episode 4 - First Among Equals
What is it about brains that has put us in charge of the planet? This episode explores the reasons why humans dominate other species.

Episode 5 - Growing the Mind
This episode explores the changes in the brain during the growth and development of a baby into an adult.

Episode 6 - The Final Mystery
How do our brains generate consciousness? This episode tries to explain how the brain creates consciousness.

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