Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams is a BBC documentary series narrated by Robert Llewellyn, exploring how technology has transformed our homes and what it has done to our families. A family and their home are stripped of all their modern technology and undergoes an experiment to experience life from 1970-1999 over a 30-day period. The family could use only amenities available during each of the previous three decades. The series consists of three episode; "The 1970s", "The 1980s" and "The 1990s". Each covers a period of ten days, one for each year, with a counter over the front door showing the current year.

Episode 1 - 1970s

Episode 1 - 1970s
By modern standards the 1970s are decidedly low-tech and the family face many challenges. They endure a spell without central heating and get to grips with the suburban favourite, the teasmade.

Episode 2 - 1980s
They are faced with a bewildering choice of home computers in 1982 and the arduous task of finding a rental shop that still supplies films on video cassette for their newly-arrived VHS player.

Episode 3 - 1990s
The 1990s see a whirlwind of technological progress and the family are inundated with gadgets and upgrades that infiltrate every area of their home.

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