History Cold Case (Season 1)

History Cold Case is a BBC documentary series narrated by Laurence Fox, seeing skeletons of everyday people from across the ages analysed in staggering detail. History Cold Case (Season 1) consists of four episodes, each of which reveals the person behind the skeleton unearthed using modern forensic science techniques: an apparently African skeleton, a bizarre mummified body of a child, a skeleton discovered in Scotland's Stirling Castle, and a skeleton unearthed in an archaeological dig in London. The forensic work is conducted by Professor Sue Black and her team at the Centre for Human Anatomy and Identification at the University of Dundee. The team works on answering three big questions from the skeleton. Who were they? Why did they die? What does their life story tell us that we didn't know before?

Episode 1 - Ipswich Man

Episode 1 - Ipswich Man
An apparently African skeleton, unearthed near a medieval English monastery, pushes Professor Sue Black's forensics team to its limits. Bone analysis offers clues about the true origins of the mysterious skeleton and facial reconstruction painstakingly reveals his face, not seen for centuries.

Episode 2 - Mummified Child
This time the team heads back into a dark corner of the 19th century, to a time when corpses were turned into trophies and children were sold by the inch. Their subject is the bizarre mummified body of a child.

Episode 3 - Stirling Man
This time the team open up the historical cold case of a mysterious skeleton discovered by accident in a series of forgotten rooms in Scotland's Stirling Castle.

Episode 4 - Crossbones Girl
A skeleton unearthed in an archaeological dig in the historic borough of Southwark in London sparks a new cold case when it is found to be covered with disfiguring scars.

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