Mars Rising

Mars Rising is a Discovery Channel documentary series exploring the challenges of a manned mission to Mars being faced by international space agencies and in laboratories. The series consists of six episodes that look at the challenges, the obstacles, the fears and the successes of a manned mission to Mars. The series features co-operation with international space agencies including NASA, ESA and Canadian Space Agency, and many experts such as James Garvin, Paul Delaney and Buzz Aldrin. Mars Rising includes critical subjects: spaceship design, possible trajectories, rocket fuel, finding new life forms, new thoughts on astronaut selection and training, space suit engineering, medical training for deep space, blasting through Mars'atmosphere, life support systems and robotics.

Episode 1 - Journey to the Red Planet

Episode 1 - Journey to the Red Planet
Dr. James Garvin and Dr. Paul Delaney outline the extraordinary challenges and obstacles faced by the international space community in sending a manned mission to Mars ... and bringing it back.

Episode 2 - Rocket Power
The spacecraft that will take a crew, their equipment and enough fuel for the 56-million-kilometre journey to Mars will be assembled - in space. This requires a major leap of technology.

Episode 3 - Staying Alive
Preparing and protecting the human body in deep space may be a greater challenge than all the technological factors in planning a mission to Mars.

Episode 4 - The Human Factor
The human spirit may be the Achilles' heel of the Mars Mission. Mental breakdown, sexual tension, near-suicide and mutiny have already taken place on shorter space missions.

Episode 5 - Six Minutes of Terror
The most perilous part of the journey to the Red Planet is the six minutes it will take to travel from the top of the Mars atmosphere to its surface ? the six minutes of terror.

Episode 6 - Search for Life
Is there life on Mars? Scientists in North America are combing the most barren places on Earth to search out bacteria, amino acids or carbonates that might offer clues.

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