Philosophy and Fun of Algebra

A young monkey named Genius picked a green walnut, and bit, through a bitter rind, down into a hard shell. He then threw the walnut away, saying: "How stupid people are! They told me walnuts are good to eat." His grandmother, whose name was Wisdom, picked up the walnut - peeled off the rind with her fingers, cracked the shell, and shared the kernel with her grandson, saying: "Those get on best in life who do not trust to first impressions."

In some old books the story is told differently; the grandmother is called Mrs Cunning-Greed, and she eats all the kernel herself. Fables about the Cunning- Greed family are written to make children laugh. It is good for you to laugh; it makes you grow strong, and gives you the habit of understanding jokes and not being made miserable by them. But take care not to believe such fables; because, if you believe them, they give you bad dreams.

January 1909.

Chapter 01 - From Arithmetic to Algebra
Chapter 02 - The Making of Algebras
Chapter 03 - Simultaneous Problems
Chapter 04 - Partial Solutions and the Provisional Elimination of Elements of Complexity
Chapter 05 - Mathematical Certainty and Reductio ad Absurdum
Chapter 06 - The First Hebrew Algebra
Chapter 07 - How to Choose Our Hypotheses
Chapter 08 - The Limits of the Teacher's Function
Chapter 09 - The Use of Sewing Cards
Chapter 10 - The Story of a Working Hypothesis
Chapter 11 - Macbeth's Mistake
Chapter 12 - Jacob's Ladder
Chapter 13 - The Great 'x' of the World
Chapter 14 - Go Out of My Class-Room
Chapter 15 - Square Root of Minus One
Chapter 16 - Infinity
Chapter 17 - From Bondage to Freedom
Chapter 18 - Appendix

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Philosophy and Fun of Algebra by Mary Everest Boole
Philosophy and Fun of Algebra is meant for young readers as an introduction to the basics of algebra and logic.
Philosophy and Fun of Algebra by Mary Everest Boole
Project Gutenberg's Philosophy and Fun of Algebra, by Mary Everest Boole. Download This eBook. PDF. TeX. More Files.
Philosophy and Fun of Algebra
Author: Mary Everest Boole, 1832-1916. Subject: NATURAL SCIENCES; Mathematics; Algebra. Publisher: C.W.Daniel. Book Contributor: Osmania University.

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Philosophy and Fun of Algebra by Mary Everest Boole
LibriVox recording of Philosophy and Fun of Algebra, by Mary Everest Boole. Read by Patricia Oakley. Source: Librivox recording of a public-domain text.