Prehistoric Autopsy

Prehistoric Autopsy is a BBC documentary series presented by Professor Alice Roberts and Dr. George McGavin, taking us on an evolutionary journey to meet three of our ancient ancestors - Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, and Lucy. The series consists of three episodes, each of which follows the rebuilding of one of our most iconic ancient ancestors from the bones up, with the help of a team of international experts. To make the reconstructions as accurate as possible, Alice Roberts and George McGavin have travelled the globe, gathering evidence from the world's leading scientists. Through the reconstructions, the series shows how the ancestors looked, how they lived and how they compared to us today.

Episode 1 - Neanderthal

Episode 1 - Neanderthal
A team of experts reconstruct our closest prehistoric relative - a Neanderthal. The team reveal the latest research that is casting a new light on Neanderthals - not just in the way they may have hunted, clothed their families and even painted jewellery, but also what they may have sounded like.

Episode 2 - Homo Erectus
A team of experts reconstruct one of the earliest humans, Homo erectus. They walked the earth far longer than any other human species and were the first ancestors to look a lot like we do today.

Episode 3 - Lucy
A team of experts reconstruct Lucy from the species Australopithecus afarensis. Lucy's species had traded life in the trees for life on the ground, but this ability to routinely walk upright came at a price and it is one we are still paying today.

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