Time Machine

Time Machine is a BBC documentary series narrated by Jeremy Vine, showing how the Earth has evolved over time and how humans, animals and plants experience and manipulate time. The series consists of three episodes, which reveal how the passing of time shapes our world and lives. Using time-lapse images and computer generated graphics, the series breaks through time barrier and takes us on a journey to see the world as we have never seen it before - from the creation of the highest mountains to the opening of a flower's petals.

Episode 1 - The World Shaped by Time
Using time-lapse images and computer generated graphics, this episode shows how the Earth has evolved over time.

Episode 2 - Life - The Race against Time
This episode shows how the passage of time affect the existence of life on Earth and how hummingbirds and horses have evolved over time.

Episode 3 - Masters of Time
This episode looks at humans' efforts to control and master time; electric power to extend daytime; vehicles to reduce traveling time; and even plastic surgery to cheat aging.

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