Visions of the Future

Visions of the Future is a documentary series presented by a theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, exploring cutting edge technologies related to computer science, biology and quantum theory. The series consists of three episodes: The intelligence Revolution about artificial intelligence in computer science; The Biotech Revolution about the development of genetics and biotechnology; and The Quantum Revolution about the development of artificial materials. By virtue of the development of these fields, Michio Kaku says, many ideas that we now consider as science fiction will be turned into science fact.

3 Mind-blowing Predictions about the Future

Episode 1 - The Intelligence Revolution
Artificial intelligence will revolutionise homes, workplaces and lifestyles, and virtual worlds will become so realistic that they will rival the physical world.

Episode 2 - The Biotech Revolution
By virtue of the development of genetics and biotechnology, genetic medicine such as DNA screening, gene therapy and organ transplant will be possible, and furthermore ageing process itself will be slowed down or even halted.

Episode 3 - The Quantum Revolution
The quantum theory has helped the development of artificial materials such as superconductor and carbon nanotube, fusion energy, nano technology, and teleportation.

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