Barbarians is a History Channel documentary series, telling the intriguing story of four barbaric tribes - Goths, Mongols, Huns and Vikings - which once became powerful and fell again in the Middle Ages. The series consists of four episodes, each of which looks at a barbaric group. Using animated maps, interviews with respected historians and on-site reenactments of barbarian battles, the series explores their origins, cultures and leaders in an interesting manner. In addition, it tells historical lessons and legacies from the rises of the barbaric tribes: for what they fought, what their leaders did, how they became powerful, and how they fell.

Episode 1 - The Goths

Episode 1 - The Goths
This episode tells the story of why and how Goths migrated into the Roman Empire and settled down on the south bank of the Danube River, why they fought against the Roman Empire, their leader Alaric, and the collapse of the Visigoth kingdom.

Episode 2 - The Mongols
This episode tells the story of Genghis Khan and how Mongol Empire he built could govern vaster land than any other empire did in history - from the far East to the Eastern Germany.

Episode 3 - The Huns
This episode tells the truth behind the mysterious warriors of the Huns and their leader - Attila who was diplomatic, ambitious, generous to his people, and most of all having strong leadership to lead his military with the unity of tribes from a melting pot.

Episode 4 - The Vikings
This episode looks at the Vikings from the 8th century to the 11th century and how they had influences on the European societies. The Vikings equipped with longships were pirates, warriors, explorers and traders.

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