In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

In the footsteps of Alexander the Great is a four-part BBC documentary series written and presented by Michael Wood, retracing the journey of Alexander the Great across sixteen countries. Throughout the series, Michael Wood travels over 20,000 miles along the routes of Alexander the Great's triumphal march from Greece, through Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Afghanistan, to India. He travels by jeep, train, boat, camel and on foot, and meets many local storytellers who are still passing down the legends of Alexander the Great.

Episode 1 - Son of God

Episode 1 - Son of God
In this episode, Michael Wood retraces the route taken by Alexander the Great, from Vergina, through Troy, Issus, Tyre, Gaza, and Alexandria, to Siwa.

Episode 2 - Lord of Asia
Mainly featuring battlefields where Alexander's army defeated Darius's army, Michael Wood retraces the route taken by Alexander the Great across Iraq and Iran.

Episode 3 - Across the Hindu Kush
Michael Wood retraces the footsteps of Alexander the Great through Afghanistan and central Asian countries, from Kabul through the Hindu Kush to Alexandria Eschate.

Episode 4 - To the Ends of the Earth
Michael Wood returns to Afghanistan, and through Pakistan he travels around India along the route taken by Alexander the Great. Finally, he retraces Alexander the Great's return trek across the Makran Desert toward Persia.

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