Guns, Germs and Steel

Why were Europeans the ones to conquer so much of our planet? Why didn't the Chinese, or the Inca, become masters of the globe instead? Why did cities first evolve in the Middle East? Why did farming never emerge in Australia? And why are the tropics now the capital of global poverty? Guns, Germs and Steel is a three-part documentary series presented by Jared Diamond trying to answer the biggest question of world history - Why is the world so unequal? The series is based on Jared Diamond's book of the same name and traces humanity's journey over the last 13,000 years - from the dawn of farming at the end of the last Ice Age to the realities of life in the twenty-first century.

Episode 1 - Out of Eden

Episode 1 - Out of Eden
The development of successful and productive farming, starting nearly 12,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent, was the critical turning point in the origins of global inequality.

Episode 2 - Conquest
Why was the balance of power so unequal between the Old World and the New? This episode shows how guns, germs and steel had conquered the New World.

Episode 3 - Into the Tropics
In this episode, Jared Diamond tries to discover what happened when guns, germs and steel came to Africa and to ask what role these forces still play.

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