In Search of the Trojan War

In Search of the Trojan War is a six-part BBC documentary series written and presented by Michael Wood, examining the extent to which historical and archeological evidence matches with the tale of the Trojan War as recounted by Homer in The Iliad. Did the city Troy really exist? Did the Trojan War really happen? Did the heroes of the Trojan War - Achilles, Hector, Paris and the beauty Helen - really exist? In the series, Michael Wood explores the origins of Homer's epics and examines the archeological discoveries about the historical city, by archeologists including Heinrich Schliemann and Arthur Evans.

Episode 1 - The Age of Heroes

Episode 1 - The Age of Heroes
Did the city Troy really exist? This episode focuses on German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann's excavation and discovery in search of Troy.

Episode 2 - The Legend under Siege
Did the Trojan War really happen? Some archaeologists including Arthur Evans were skeptical about the evidence surround the Trojan War.

Episode 3 - The Singer of Tales
Was the Trojan War in Homer's epic based on a real Bronze Age war? This episode is in search of Homer and his epic The Iliad.

Episode 4 - The Women of Troy
Did Helen of Troy exist? This episode examines whether Homer's story of Helen of Troy and the wooden horse existed.

Episode 5 - The Empire of the Hittites
This episode presents the commercial and political connections between the Trojans and the Hittites as recorded in Hittite clay tablets and other historical records.

Episode 6 - The Fall of Troy
Was Troy destroyed by the Trojan War or natural disaster like earthquake? In this episode, Michael Wood presents the facts about the fall of Troy.

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