Liberty! The American Revolution

Liberty! The American Revolution is a documentary miniseries about the birth of the American Republic and the struggle of a loosely connected group of states to become a nation. The series consists of six episodes, each of which is introduced by Forrest Sawyer and narrated by Edward Herrmann. The series describes how the American Revolution evolved and how a new nation was born in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, chronicling important historical events for 25 years from 1763 to 1788 through military reenactments, dramatic recreations, and interviews with historians.

Episode 1 - The Reluctant Revolutionaries: 1763-1774

Episode 1 - The Reluctant Revolutionaries: 1763-1774
In 1763, the capitol city of America is London, George Washington is lobbying for a post in the British army, and no one thinks of Boston harbor when they hear talk of tea parties. In a dozen years, the colonies are on the brink of rebellion. What happens to bring this country so quickly near war with England?

Episode 2 - Blows Must Decide: 1774-1776
A total break from Great Britain remains hard for Americans to imagine, even after shots are fired at Lexington and Concord. Words push matters "Over the Edge" in 1776. Common Sense argues that it is the natural right of men to govern themselves. The Declaration of Independence declares this same idea a "self-evident" truth. For Americans, there is no looking back. There will be war with England.

Episode 3 - The Times That Try Men's Souls: 1776-1777
Days after the Declaration of Independence is signed, a British force arrives in New York harbor. Washington and his troops are driven to New Jersey. With only a few days of enlistment left for many of his volunteers, a desperate Washington leads his army quietly across the Delaware River on the day after Christmas, 1776, to mount a surprise attack on a sleeping garrison in Trenton.

Episode 4 - Oh, Fatal Ambition: 1777-1778
The "united" states remain in dire need of funds and military support. Congress dispatches Benjamin Franklin to France in hopes of creating an alliance which will provide both. Meanwhile, a British army marches down the Hudson River trying to cut off New England from the other colonies. The British are crushed by Americans at Saratoga. The French enter the conflict on the American side.

Episode 5 - The World Turned Upside Down: 1778-1783
The British hope to exploit the issue of slavery and to enlist the support of loyalists in the south. They fail. After a series of brutal engagements, the British army heads for Virginia, only to be trapped by the miraculous convergence of Washington's army and the French fleet at Yorktown. The end of the war is at hand.

Episode 6 - Are We to Be a Nation? 1783-1788
Peach comes to the United States, but governing the world's newest republic is no simple task. Congress is ineffectual and individual states act like sovereign nations. By the time the Constitutional Convention convenes in 1787, many wonder if the country can survive. The long ratification process helps define what sort of nation the United States is to be - a process that continues to this day.

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