Lost Kingdoms of South America

Lost Kingdoms of South America is a BBC documentary series presented by archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper, revealing the extraordinary history of some of South America's ancient civilizations. The series consists of four episodes, each of which looks at one of South America's ancient civilisations: Chachapoya people, Tiwanaku, El Dorado, and the kingdom of Chimor. Exploring ruins and investigating the truth behind legends that surround these cultures, Dr Jago Cooper journeys through Peru, Bolivia and Colombia to reveal the true character of the continent through its archaeology, culture, people and landscapes.

Episode 1 - People of the Clouds

Episode 1 - People of the Clouds
Archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper embarks on an epic journey into the remote Peruvian Andes in search of the mysterious Chachapoya people.

Episode 2 - The Stone at the Centre
Jago Cooper journeys through Bolivia's spectacular landscape to investigate the origins of Tiwanaku and finds evidence of an ancient people with amazing understanding of their environment.

Episode 3 - Lands of Gold
Through the mountains and jungles of Colombia, archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper goes in search of the truth behind one of the greatest stories ever told - the legend of El Dorado.

Episode 4 - Kingdom of the Desert
In the spectacular deserts of coastal Peru, archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper explores the dramatic rise and fall of Chimor, the first empire of South America.

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