Secrets of the Stone Age

Secrets of the Stone Age is a three-part documentary series hosted by Richard Rudgley, taking us on a journey back in time and around the world to discover the real roots of civilization. Richard Rudgley discovers a Neolithic city over 9,000 years old in central Turkey; evidence that European man used sophisticated acupuncture techniques 5,000 years ago in the Alps; cave paintings of Ice Age France; stone tools that prove pre-Neanderthal man undertook raft voyages across the open sea. Traveling across the countries in search of the lost legacy of prehistoric man, Richard Rudgley reveals the truth about prehistoric man and his achievements.

Episode 1 - Wisdom of the Stones

Episode 1 - Wisdom of the Stones
This episode looks at the Egyptian pyramids and then goes back through the Neolithic age, to Malta and the discovery of Otzi in the Alps, from the earliest writing and then on to Catal Hoyuk in Turkey.

Episode 2 - Frozen in Time
Richard Rudgley heads back to the Ice Age to see how our ancestors survived in the cold northern climate during the 30,000 year upper Palaeolithic period, from the bead factories in the Dordogne, France, to the mammoth ivory production in the Czech Republic.

Episode 3 - The Human Story
Richard Rudgley takes a look at the Middle Palaeolithic, from 200,000 to 38,000 years ago, and a close examination of the Neanderthal, a highly intelligent creature which existed alongside our ancestors just 30,000 years ago, give or take.

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