The Silk Road II

For thousands of years, the fabled Silk Road, as traveled by Marco Polo, was the link between the people of Europe and the vast riches of mysterious China. Spanning the deserts, grasslands and seas between Istanbul and the major cities of China, the Silk Road witnessed an ongoing parade of goods and traders, carrying with them their art, religion, and culture. The Silk Road II is a eighteen-part documentary series produced by Japan's NHK, exploring the western reaches of the Silk Road beyond China and Mongolia, eventually arriving in historic old Rome. The journey begins in the Pamir Plateau at the border between China and Pakistan, where the Silk Road (season one) ended. Then the Silk Road crew explore different trade routes beyond China and Mongolia, journeying through Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Central Asian countries.

Episode 01 - Across the Pamirs
Episode 02 - The King's Road
Episode 03 - Legendary Ladakh
Episode 04 - The Travels of Xuang Zang in India
Episode 05 - The Scorching Sun and the Southern Road of Iran
Episode 06 - The Desert: In Search of Wisdom
Episode 07 - Beyond Baghdad
Episode 08 - The Road Vanished into a Lake
Episode 09 - Across the Steppes
Episode 10 - The Sky Horses of Davan
Episode 11 - The Soghdian Merchants
Episode 12 - The Glory of Samarkand
Episode 13 - Across the Karakum Desert
Episode 14 - The Other Silk Road
Episode 15 - The Caravans Move West
Episode 16 - The Horsemen of Turkey
Episode 17 - The Silk City at the Edge of Asia
Episode 18 - All Roads Lead to Rome

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