Trashopolis explores the most enchanting and iconic cities in the world and attempts to unlock their dark, dirty little secrets - through their trash. Beneath the streets of every major global city lies a dark and ugly secret. It's the hidden ingredient that has transformed primitive outposts into wondrous metropolitan areas, forcing mankind into radical urban and architectural directions, propelling advances in science and jump-starting revolutions. From the majestic skyscrapers of New York City to the mysterious sewers of London and the bustling markets of Cairo, this series explores how these great cities fought against the tides of corpses, human waste and stinking garbage to rise above the rubbish.

Episode 01 - London

Episode 01 - London
Trash turns a Roman outpost into a booming port city, which someday becomes the great city of London.

Episode 02 - New York
If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere - but if you really want to make some big money in this town - you gotta have trash.

Episode 03 - Paris
Trash turns a dark and dangerous labyrinth of narrow streets and unspeakable filth into one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Episode 04 - Rome
A timeless struggle between beauty and filth inspires the Eternal City to find new ways to get rid of its trash.

Episode 05 - Cairo
From the Pharaohs to the warrior Mamelukes, to the modern day Zabaleen garbage people, this is the epic story of Cairo's Trash.

Episode 06 - Mexico City
Mexico City is sinking... The sewers are overflowing, the landfills are closing, and mountains of Trash from iconic celebrations like the Day of the Dead have nowhere to go. But the city is fighting back.

Episode 07 - Jerusalem
Millions of modern-day pilgrims flood Jerusalem's holy sites, leaving so much trash behind it takes an army of garbage collectors to clean up after them.

Episode 08 - Tokyo
Whether Super Hi-Tech or Japanese Traditional, Tokyo's 33 million people always find a way to turn their Trash into something useful. And if they can't recycle it, they’ll use Trash to build an island paradise in the harbor, or heat the water in their swimming pools.

Episode 09 - Los Angeles
Boomtown of movies, oil and cars, Los Angeles has always lived in the fast lane. Angelenos dumped their Trash into the river, the studios trashed film stock and movie sets in the desert - and no one dreamt what horrors the future might bring.

Episode 10 - Mumbai
Mumbai, financial center of India, fabled city of empires and fortunes. On a Trash heap called Dharavi, over one million people earn pennies a day recycling the city's garbage.

Episode 11 - Berlin
Berlin - A city destroyed by wars. Yet out of the rubble and ruins, Berlin has built one of most innovative and effective trash systems in the world.

Episode 12 - Moscow
Moscow churns out five million tons of garbage a year. Some blame Western-style consumerism, but things weren't much better back in the old days, when Peter the Great created the Moscow garbage man, dumped Trash just outside the city and built on top of it.

Episode 13 - Montreal
Since its founding in 1642, Montreal has been partying hard and creating lots of Trash. After hosting the World Fair in 1967, Montreal tried to clean up its act, but discovered that changing the mindset of a culture that believes trash just floats away is nearly impossible.

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