Around the World in 80 Trades

Around the World in 80 Trades is a four-part documentary series hosted by Conor Woodman, in which Conor Woodman travels to various countries around the world to buy products from certain regions and later sell them to other countries for a profit. Economist Conor Woodman was a high-flying City market analyst, until one day he decided he no longer wanted to handle commodities via a computer screen - but trade real things that he could touch and smell. So with £25,000 from the sale of his flat, Conor plans to travel across four continents and 16 countries trading in all kinds of products - with the aim of doubling his investment.

Episode 1 - Africa

Episode 1 - Africa
Conor Woodman starts the first leg of his journey in Sudan where he involves in trading camels; in Zambia he purchases two tones of coffee to sell on the South African market.

Episode 2 - Central Asia
Charlie Ottley explores the stunning southern Carpathians; starting at the majestic Iron Gates on the Serbian Border, crossing Saxon Transylvania, and ending in the Danube delta.

Episode 3 - Far East
In this episode, Conor Woodman experiences markets in the Far East, where he involves in jade, tea, and fish tradings.

Episode 4 - Central and South America
In Mexico, Conor has 750 inflatable body-boards and reckons an endorsement from Mexico's most famous surfer will help them sell. And he hopes to sell 400 bottles of tequila, bought in the actual town of Tequila.

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