Treasures of New York

Treasures of New York is a documentary series exploring some of New York City's architectural and cultural significance of classic landmarks: The New York Botanical Garden, The Flatiron Building, Hearst Tower, Lincoln Center, Pratt Institute, American Museum of Natural History, the historic Roosevelt House in NYC, and the New York State Capitol building. The series also explores 25 years of the MTA Arts for Transit program, looks at the life and the creative process of NY architect Costas Kondylis, and reveals the rarely told history of five iconic parks in New York City.

01. American Museum of Natural History
02. Art Underground
03. Building Stories
04. City Parks
05. Four Freedoms Park
06. Hearst Tower
07. Holiday Train Show
08. Lincoln Center with Patti LuPone
09. Pratt Institute
10. Roosevelt House
11. Stanford White
12. The Flatiron Building
13. The New York Botanical Garden
14. The New-York Historical Society
15. The New York State Capitol

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