Walking the Americas

Walking the Americas is a four-part documentary series hosted by Levison Wood, walking 1800 miles from Mexico to Colombia. Explorer Levison Wood embarks on an epic 1,800 mile hike along the spine of Central America over the course of four months. Starting in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and ending in Columbia, Levison Wood meets people living everywhere from violent cities to deep jungles.

Episode 1 - Mexico, Belize and Guatemala

Episode 1 - Mexico, Belize and Guatemala
Levison and Alberto avoid escaped convicts and poisonous trees as they take in Mexico and Belize's jungles, the hurricane-wracked island of San Pedro and Guatemala's lawless wilderness of El Peten.

Episode 2 - Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua
Levison and Alberto reach Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, partying in a unique Caribbean town, crossing stunning but treacherous mountains, and visiting one of the world's most violent cities.

Episode 3 - Nicaragua and Costa Rica
In Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Levison and Alberto trek through beautiful landscapes and colonial cities, climb active volcanoes and mountains, navigate deadly highways and meet fishermen and migrants.

Episode 4 - Panama
Levison and Alberto explore an uncharted vampire bat-infested cave, visit the Panama Canal and modern Panama City, meet indigenous tribespeople and tackle the world's most dangerous stretch of jungle.

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