Wild Carpathia

Wild Carpathia is a three-part travel documentary series presented by Charlie Ottley, exploring the scenic beauty and rich culture of the Romanian Carpathian mountains. Romania has a huge virtually-untouched area of mountains almost the size of Britain. It is the heavily-forested home to some of Europe's most exciting species, including alpine Chamois, and particularly large carnivores like Brown Bears, Wolves and the elusive Lynx. Much of the area is a time-capsule with an almost-medieval life-style.

Episode 1 - Transylvania

Episode 1 - Transylvania
In this episode, Charlie Ottley takes you deep into the breath-taking but little known mountains and forests of Carpathia: Transylvania. Charlie provides a unique insight into the scenic beauty and rich culture of the region.

Episode 2 - From the Mountains to the Sea
Charlie Ottley explores the stunning southern Carpathians; starting at the majestic Iron Gates on the Serbian Border, crossing Saxon Transylvania, and ending in the Danube delta.

Episode 3 - Wild Forever
Charlie Ottley visits Northern Romania and the Maramures, one of the most picturesque regions in The Carpathians. Here Charlie experiences traditional festivals and weddings and learns about the evolution of Romanian music.

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