Astrobiology and Space Exploration

Astrobiology and Space Exploration (Spring 2010, Stanford Univ.). This is a collection of 12 selected video lectures given by Professor Lynn Rothschild and other scientists and astronauts, on astrobiology and space exploration. This course discusses evolution in the context of space and time, focusing on the emergence of life in a planetary context on Earth and possibly elsewhere as well as the evolution of intelligence and the search for it elsewhere.

01 - Astrobiology and Space Exploration Introduction
02 - From Interstellar Molecules to Astrobiology
03 - Pushing the Envelope for Life
04 - Replaying the Tape
05 - From the Ground Up: Suborbital Flight and Small Satellites
06 - Life Beyond Its Planet of Origin
07 - ALH 84001 and Other Martian Meteorites
08 - Controlled Environmental Life Support
09 - Genomic Dark Matter: The Emergence of Small RNAs
10 - Life in Space, Life on Earth
11 - The Asteroid Challenge: Will We Be Ready?
12 - Planetary Systems around Other Stars