BIM 289: Special Topics in Biophotonics

BIM 289: Special Topics in Biophotonics (Winter 2009, UC Davis). Instructor: Professor Dennis Matthews. This course explores in depth the latest advances in biophotonics through in-depth discussions with leading researchers in the field. They discuss topics: the mechanisms by which light can interact with materials; how X-ray diffraction can be used to determine the 3D structure of single, uncrystallized biomolecules; the history of optical microscopy; optical methods in Lipid metabolism research; optical methods of biodetection; nanoparticle-enhanced X-ray therapy for cancer; and so on.

Lecture 01 - Introduction to Biophotonics
Lecture 02 - Interaction of Light with Matter
Lecture 03 - Molecular Imaging with X-ray Lasers
Lecture 04 - Overview of Optical Microscopy
Lecture 05 - Introduction to Optical Probes
Lecture 06 - Optical Methods in Lipid Metabolism Research
Lecture 07 - Fluorescent Phytochromes
Lecture 08 - Optical Methods in Traumatic Brain Injury Research
Lecture 09 - Point-of-Care Technologies: Optical Methods of Biodetection
Lecture 10 - Nanoparticle-Enhanced X-ray Therapy for Cancer
Lecture 11 - Advances in Photodynamic Therapy