Life Sciences 15 - Life: Concepts and Issues

Life Sciences 15 - Life: Concepts and Issues (Fall 2007, UCLA). Instructor: Professor Jay Phelan. This is a General Education Course introducing non-Life Science Majors to the Life Sciences, challenging them to explore and understand important issues in the field. Topics include chemistry of life, genetics, physiology, evolution, and ecology - all explored in lecture and debates.

Science as a Religion

Lecture 01 - Science as a Religion
Lecture 02 - Darwin's Dangerous Idea
Lecture 03 - Nurturing Nature: the Power of Culture
Lecture 04 - What did Mendel Discover?
Lecture 05 - Modern Genetics and Biotechnology: DNA Fingerprinting
Lecture 06 - Kindness to Our Kin
Lecture 07 - Friend and Foe are Fluid Categories
Lecture 08 - Unexpected Conflict, Unexpected Cooperation
Lecture 09 - Proteins, Carbs, and Fats: the Molecules of Life
Lecture 10 - Extracting Fuel from Food: Digestion
Lecture 11 - Nutrition and Health
Lecture 12 - The Trouble with Testosterone: Hormones and Sex Differences
Lecture 13 - Eggs are Big, Sperm are Small, and Men are Dogs
Lecture 14 - Polygamy and Monogamy among the Animals
Lecture 15 - Neurons and Brains
Lecture 16 - Sensory Systems, Why are Drugs so Good? Caffeine: a Case Study
Lecture 17 - Culture at Its Best? Technology's Influence on Our Biology
Lecture 18 - Happiness
Lecture 19 - Review