MCB C148: Microbial Genomics and Genetics

MCB C148: Microbial Genomics and Genetics (Spring 2011, UC Berkeley). Instructors: Daniel Barsky, N. Louise Glass. This course emphasizes bacterial and archaeal genetics and comparative genomics. Genetics and genomic methods used to dissect metabolic and development processes in bacteria, archaea, and selected microbial eukaryotes. Genetic mechanisms integrated with genomic information to address integration and diversity of microbial processes. Introduction to the use of computational tools for a comparative analysis of microbial genomes and determining relationships among bacteria, archaea, and microbial eukaryotes. Also listed as Plant and Microbial Biology C148.

Lecture 11 - Diversity of Life
Lecture 12 - Prokaryotic Genome
Lecture 13 - Prokaryotic Genome
Lecture 14 - Metagenomics and Microbial Diversity
Lecture 15 - Metatranscriptomics, The Bacterial Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Lecture 16 - Chromosome Partitioning, Plasmids
Lecture 17 - Plasmids, Replication
Lecture 18 - Conjugation
Lecture 21 - Polarity Recap, Transformation and Genetic Transfer
Lecture 22 - Life Cycle of a Lytic Phase: T4
Lecture 23 - Lambda Phase
Lecture 24 - Lambda Phase
Lecture 25 - Genome Defense
Lecture 26 - Transposons and Transposition
Lecture 27 - Transposon Mutagenesis, Regulatory Mechanisms I
Lecture 28 - Regulatory Mechanisms I
Lecture 29 - Regulatory Mechanisms II
Lecture 30 - Regulatory Mechanisms II