CS 169: Software Engineering

This is a collection of links to audio/video lectures of CS 169: Software Engineering, from UC Berkeley Webcasts. Software Engineering - Ideas and techniques for designing, developing, and modifying large software systems. Function-oriented and object-oriented modular design techniques, designing for re-use and maintainability. Specification and documentation. Verification and validation. Cost and quality metrics and estimation. Project team organization and management.

Image: CS 169: Software Engineering

Video/text CS 169: Software Engineering (Spring 2015)

Instructor: Professor Armando Fox. Software as a Service. Metaprogramming. Client-Server. HTTP. HTML & CSS. Continuous Integration. Continuous Development. Characterization Tests. ...

Video CS 169: Software Engineering (Fall 2012)

Instructors: Prof. David Patterson and Prof. Armando Fox. SaaS Architecture. Behavior-Driven Design. Test-Driven Development. Legacy Code. Design Patterns. JavaScript. ...

Video/text CS 169: Software Engineering (Spring 2012)

Instructors: Prof. David Patterson, Prof. Armando Fox, and Prof. Koushik Sen. Software Systems. SaaS. Function Oriented Modular Design. Object Oriented Modular Design. Service Oriented Architecture. Ruby for Java Programmers. AJAX History and the Big Picture. ...