CS547: Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (2010-2011)

CS547: Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (2010-2011, Stanford Univ.). Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (Seminar on People, Computers, and Design) is a Stanford University course that features weekly speakers on topics related to human-computer interaction design. The seminar is organized by the Stanford HCI Group, which works across disciplines to understand the intersection between humans and computers. This playlist consists of seminar speakers recorded during the 2010-2011 academic year.

The Psychological Basis for UI Design Rules

Lecture 01 - Good Boss, Bad Boss
Lecture 02 - The Psychological Basis for UI Design Rules
Lecture 03 - Computing and Autism: A Rule for Technology and Technologists
Lecture 04 - Open Mobile and Social Computing
Lecture 05 - Story Time for the 21st Century
Lecture 06 - One Fabrication Lab Per Child: The Ultimate Construction Kit
Lecture 07 - Interacting With and Through Personal Robots
Lecture 08 - Data + Art
Lecture 09 - Progressive User Interfaces
Lecture 10 - Burning Man at Google
Lecture 11 - Understanding People and Media
Lecture 12 - Automatically Extracting Social Meaning from Speed Dates
Lecture 13 - Combining Minds: Making Sense of Information Together
Lecture 14 - Building Social Recommenders for Delicious and Twitter
Lecture 15 - Numbers as Tools for Thinking
Lecture 16 - Designing in the Wild
Lecture 17 - Transnational Design: Exploring the Local and the Global in HCI
Lecture 18 - Technology that Motivates Creative Action
Lecture 19 - Wearable Computing: the Next Generation of 'Borg
Lecture 20 - Living with Complexity
Lecture 21 - Human-Computer Telepathy, and Other Illusions
Lecture 22 - Deepening Relational Coordination: Why Site Visits Matter
Lecture 23 - Infinite Reality: Avatars, Eternal Life and New Worlds
Lecture 24 - Social Media Research, Live on the Web
Lecture 25 - Sharing Information in Rural Communities
Lecture 26 - Make It So
Lecture 27 - Back to Basics: Making Pointing Accessible