Object-Oriented Program Design and Software Engineering

Object-Oriented Program Design and Software Engineering (ArsDigita University). Instructor: Professor Dave Goddeau. The concepts of the object-oriented paradigm using Java. The basic principles of software engineering are emphasized. We study how to design and think in an object oriented fashion. As a final project, students work in groups to develop a Gnutella distributed music-sharing client. (from

Lecture 01 - Intro to Java
Lecture 02 - Classes
Lecture 03 - Inheritance and Polymorphism
Lecture 04 - Interfaces and Interfaces
Lecture 05 - OOP Design and Design Process
Lecture 06 - Exceptions and Error Handling
Lecture 07 - I/O
Lecture 08 - Window Systems and Graphics
Lecture 09 - Event-based programming
Lecture 10 - GUI (widgets)
Lecture 11 - Threads
Lecture 12 - Networking Programming
Lecture 13 - Software Design Cycle
Lecture 14 - OOP in C and C++
Lecture 15 - Layouts, Packages, and Jar files
Lecture 16 - Java on the web
Lecture 17 - Component Object Models
Lecture 18 - Overview of Software Patterns
Lecture 19 - Persistence and Databases and etc
Lecture 20 - Review

Object-oriented Program Design and Software Engineering
Instructor: Dave Goddeau. Course Description. Lecture and Courseware. Student Evaluations. The concepts of the Object-oriented paradigm using Java.