SIMS 141: Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business

SIMS 141: Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business (Fall 2005, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Marti Hearst. The World Wide Web brings much of the world's knowledge into the reach of nearly everyone with a computer and an internet connection. The availability of huge quantities of information at our fingertips is transforming government, business, and many other aspects of society. Topics include search advertising and auctions, search and privacy, search ranking, internationalization, anti-spam efforts, local search, peer-to-peer search, and search of blogs and online communities.

Lecture 01 - Overview of How Search Engines Work by Dr. Marti Hearst
Lecture 02 - User Experience Issues in Web Search by Dr. Daniel E. Rose
Lecture 03 - Google News, Maps, and Print by Dr. Peter Norvig
Lecture 04 - Peer to Peer Search by Dr. John Chuang
Lecture 05 - Search, Google, and Life by Sergey Brin
Lecture 06 - Search Advertising by Dr. Hal Varian
Lecture 07 - Intellectual Property and Search by Jason Schultz
Lecture 08 - WebSpam by Dr. Marc Najork
Lecture 09 - Yahoo! Multimedia Search by Bradley Horowitz
Lecture 10 - Quality and Search by Dr. Geoffrey Nunberg
Lecture 11 - Faceted Metadata in Search Interfaces by Dr. Marti Hearst