Systems (ArsDigita University). Taught by Luis Rodriguez, this course provides an overview of distributed systems. Topics on the engineering of computer software and hardware systems: techniques for controlling complexity, system infrastructure, networks and distributed systems, atomicity and coordination of parallel activities, recovery and reliability, privacy of information, impact of computer systems on society. Case studies of working systems and outside reading in the current literature provide comparisons and contrasts. The group project is to write an NSF systems proposal to fund a middleware product, for announcement RFP01-63.

Lecture 01 - Intro to Systems
Lecture 02 - System Design
Lecture 03 - Distributed Systems
Lecture 04 - Networks I
Lecture 05 - Networks II
Lecture 06 - Naming
Lecture 07 - Security
Lecture 08 - Distributed Storage
Lecture 09 - Time and Coordination
Lecture 10 - Transactions
Lecture 11 - Distributed Transactions, Part I
Lecture 11b - Distributed Transactions, Part II
Lecture 12 - Replication
Lecture 13 - Distributed Multimedia
Lecture 14 - Case Study -

Instructor: Luis Rodriguez. Course Description. Lecture and Courseware. Student Evaluations. Topics on the engineering of computer software and hardware systems.