EPS C20: Earthquakes in Your Backyard

EPS C20: Earthquakes in Your Backyard (Fall 2012, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Richard Allen. This course provides an introduction to earthquakes, their causes and effects. General discussion of basic principles and methods of seismology and geological tectonics, distribution of earthquakes in space and time, effects of earthquakes, and earthquake hazard and risk, with particular emphasis on the situation in California.

California and Earthquakes

Lecture 01 - California and Earthquakes
Lecture 02 - Future Earthquakes: The Hayward Temblor Part I
Lecture 03 - Future Earthquakes: The Hayward Temblor Part II
Lecture 04 - Earthquake Preparedness: Be Ready
Lecture 05 - Case Study: Hurricane Katrina
Lecture 06 - Faults: The Product of Earthquakes
Lecture 07 - The Hayward Fault
Lecture 08 - The Great 1906 Earthquake and Firestorm
Lecture 09
Lecture 10 - Plate Tectonics
Lecture 11 - Building Up to an Earthquake
Lecture 12 - Generating the Wiggles
Lecture 13 - Interpreting Seismograms
Lecture 14
Lecture 15 - Earthquake Magnitude and Energy
Lecture 16 - Seismic Gaps and Creep
Lecture 17 - Tsunamis, Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Lecture 18 - The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
Lecture 19 - Earthquake Prediction
Lecture 20 - Earthquake Forecasting
Lecture 21 - Earthquake Early Warning
Lecture 22 - Building for Earthquakes
Lecture 23 - Your Charge: Planning for Disasters

EPS 20: Earthquakes in your backyard
Instructor: Professor Richard Allen. Lecture Notes and Reading Downloads. The goal of this class is to inform future leaders of our society about the various hazards associated with earthquakes and tsunamis.