ESS 23: Air Pollution and Global Environments

ESS 23: Air Pollution and Global Environments (Fall 2013, UC Irvine). Instructor: Professor Saewung Kim. We will discuss sciences and societal consequences of air pollution problems such as 1) photochemical smog, 2) atmospheric particle pollution, 3) indoor pollution, 4) acid rain and 5) human triggered climate change. Essential concepts of chemistry, physics, meteorology and mathematics will be introduced. The consequences of air pollution will be discussed in historical and international perspectives. The main educational goal is raising critical thinking skills for the students to develop their own opinions future environmental issues.


Lecture 01 - Logistics/Definition of Air Pollution
Lecture 02 - Air Composition Before Human Interferences
Lecture 03 - Understanding of Temperature and Pressure
Lecture 04 - Steam Engine vs Internal Combustion Engines
Lecture 05 - Photochemical Ozone Part I
Lecture 06 - Photochemical Ozone Part II
Lecture 07 - Atmospheric Particles-Regional and Global Scale
Lecture 08 - Dynamic Atmosphere, Part I
Lecture 09 - Review
Lecture 10 - Dynamic Atmosphere, Part II
Lecture 11 - Interactions between Sunlight and Atmosphere
Lecture 12 - Indoor Air Pollution and Acid Rain
Lecture 13 - Ozone Chemistry
Lecture 14 - Stratospheric Ozone Depletion, Part I
Lecture 15 - Stratospheric Ozone Depletion, Part II
Lecture 16 - Air Pollution and Global Climate, Part I
Lecture 17 - Air Pollution and Global Climate, Part II
Lecture 18 - Air Pollution and Global Climate, Part III
Lecture 19 - Final Review

Instructor: Saewung Kim. Syllabus and Reading Assignment. Information. Class Texts: Air Pollution and Global Warming: History, Science, and Solutions by Mark Z. Jacobson 2nd edition, Cambridge.